About Us

Hey, we are Marriage Counseling of New York City with licensed therapists that can help you tackle your difficult emotions.

Whether you have anger issues, stress, anxiety, or depression, we assist you by helping you to work through these difficult times.

We provide relaxation techniques and help you identify your disturbing thoughts while looking at behavioral and lifestyle changes you can make to take back control of your life.

Your local marriage counseling New York NY 10009

After working with us, you will find that you can overcome your anger, depression, stress, and anxiety. Do not allow depression to rule you or the pressure and weight to weigh you down.

Neither should anxiety be a limiting factor in your life. Feel calm and free today with Marriage Counseling of NYC.


Our values are confidentiality, creativity, compassion, and acceptance. We have compassionate counselors and therapists to help individuals, couples, and families through their problems.

Whether you know someone with an addiction or have gone through infidelity or grief, there is help. Reach out to us today and make your first appointment so that we can get to know you and your family better.