Divorce Counseling New York City

Divorce Counseling

Processing divorce is complex and can leave you feeling insecure, depressed, and lonely.

But you are not alone, as many people are going through this trying time. While many people have heard of marriage or couples therapy, have you heard of divorce counseling in New York City?

If not, we at Marriage Counseling of NYC can help divorcing couples move smoothly through this trying time.

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"We married very young and eventually started living apart as we had separate interests and life desires. We decided to get divorced, but a friend recommended we go for divorce counseling to help us work out things together, from finances and more. We are both glad we did as our divorce did not end up in a lengthy arguable process."

- Catherine Rival (NYC)

How Divorce Counseling Can Help

Divorce counseling focuses on lessening the stress of your divorce process.

Unfortunately, this counseling has no detailed map, as each divorce process differs.

The important thing is that you are looking for help during this trying time to keep your and your ex-partner's health and life happy.

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, divorce counseling in New York City can be a huge benefit:

  • You feel sad and stressed about the divorce process
  • Not able to communicate with each other about the procedure
  • Feeling like a failure in your marriage or insecure
  • Trying to find solutions with co-parenting, finances, or struggling to move on after your divorce

We at Marriage Counseling of New York City can help.

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How Can We Help?

Divorce counseling in NYC can help individuals to address the loss they feel when ending a relationship. Grief is an integral part of the process of healing and moving on.

Throughout counseling, you learn positive dynamics to communicate effectively with each other. On the other hand, divorce counseling can also help divorced couples to communicate better and come to terms with custody issues and child support.

Sign up for divorce counseling today to help you understand your separation. You need not struggle alone through the process. You can regain the feeling of being in control of your life again.

Contact us today to schedule your divorce counseling session in New York City!