Depression and Anxiety Counseling
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Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Feeling depressed or anxious is standard for many people. These feelings can arise for different reasons:

  • Losing a family member or a loved one
  • Losing your job
  • Separation or divorce
  • Financial problems
  • Trauma

While it is a normal reaction to life stressors, some people experience these feelings daily without reason. Thus, they cannot cope with their everyday functions.

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While depression and anxiety are two different things, they do go closely in hand regarding the symptoms.

"I withdrew within myself when my partner passed away. I sank deeper into depression as I kept blaming myself. My health deteriorated,, and a friend of mine had a good talk with me to go for depression counseling. Af a month of counseling,, they helped me to turn my life around."

- Charles Goldman (NYC)

What Causes Anxiety to End Up in Depression?

Some people worry about things other people do not stress about. Still, those feelings of anxiety can result from something more profound in the person's life, starting with fear and leading to depression.

Both anxiety and depression have the same symptoms, and determining if a person has a depression or anxiety disorder is not always easy. A person can suffer from both:

  • Constantly fearing and worrying
  • Eating disorders from eating too little or too much
  • Self-worthlessness and the lack of interest in anything
  • Constantly irritable and tired and unable to sleep
  • Panic attacks with headaches and difficulty breathing with rapid heartbeats
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Anxiety and Depression Should Not Be Ignored

If you or someone you know is fighting depression, then it helps to look out for specific warning signs:

  • Abusing alcohol or a substance
  • Extreme mood swings
  • No self-care for daily hygiene or wanting to get out of bed
  • Being aggressive to violent or having a threatening behavior
  • Talking about suicide or having no reason to live
  • Appear confused or has hallucinations

The good news is that the symptoms of anxiety and depression are treatable. You need not suffer from these disorders alone, as we at Marriage Counseling of New York City can help.

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There is Help For Depression and Anxiety

If you relate to any of the symptoms above or know someone experiencing them, there is help. With depression and anxiety therapy in New York City, you can work through all your emotions to live an everyday and healthy life again.

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