Addiction and Recovery Counseling
New York City

What is Addiction?

If you suffer from an addiction disorder, whether it be a substance, eating, or alcohol, you may be seeking help.

Marriage Counseling of New York City offers addiction and recovery counseling with many benefits. Consider getting help from us today to start your addiction therapy program NOW!

Addiction Counseling New York NY 10009

"Where must I start? Drugs were my weakness, not because I was stressed but because partying started it all and living a high life. Unfortunately, my dream world ended, as I could not live without it. I eventually knew I had to stop and go to rehab. As it is a long journey, they recommended addiction and recovery counseling that helped me a lot."

Jenny Wayne (New York City North)

Benefit from Addiction Counseling

  • You will also participate in group therapy sessions as part of our addiction and recovery program. Partaking in small group counseling sessions gives you more insight into your recovery process and is an essential part of your treatment.

    With Marriage Counseling of New York City, you will be equipped with the right tools to lead a life of sobriety. You will learn to avoid destructive behaviors and avoid cravings. We provide you with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to process your thoughts productively to not act on a relapse.

    We also provide sustainable ways to remain active and avoid addiction. This includes getting your loved ones part of your recovery process. So, contact us today to help you walk the road to recovery from your addiction!

Addiction recovery counseling New York NY 10009
Getting over addictions New York NY 10009

We Can Help Identify Your Addiction Triggers

No matter your addiction, you need to know what triggers your desire and cravings for what you do.

As part of our addiction and recovery program, you learn to identify people, events, and incidents that lead you to turn to your habit. Maybe you already have an idea about some triggers you have.

But it helps to identify them to overcome your addiction when it happens. As part of your therapy, you learn to connect between those triggers, and once you understand what aggravates or exacerbates you, it helps you to avoid those situations.

Sadly, it can mean avoiding old friends and making new ones depending on the addiction.

Addiction Counseling Identifies Mental Health Disorders

Depending on the addiction, people often turn to substance abuse because of an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Our therapists address your addiction and mental health disorder during your recovery to help with long-term recovery.

We present you with individual counseling to overcome your mental health concerns, as it will help you move forward with the recovery. Whether your addiction results from anxiety or other issues, we can help you overcome it.

We teach you healthier coping skills to address your issues and triggers.