Infidelity Counseling New York City

Infidelity Counseling

Are you concerned that your relationship will not survive infidelity?

Did you or your partner have an affair that left you guilty or devastated?

Are you experiencing anger and resentment to despair after discussing the betrayal?

Dissatisfaction in the Relationship New York NY 10009

Then you might be wondering if you can heal after infidelity damage is done.

No matter why it happened, an affair can compromise the trust between people breaking down the foundation and romantic bond.

Whether you are the betrayer or betrayed, both end up with wounds and experience different emotions in the relationship.

"I stepped over the line and had an emotional affair with another woman. It ruined my and my partners relationship. I had a lot of regrets, and my partner could not trust me anymore after admitting it. We went for infidelity counseling to help us through this trying time. It allowed us to decide whether we wanted to give our relationship another try or move on with our lives. Luckily for us, we are still together."

- Dominic and Danny Lewis (New York City)

Infidelity Wounds Both Partners

If you are engaged in extramarital behaviors, it remains a hard time to face it alone. You feel impacted by guilt, shame and go through emotions you cannot understand.

Maybe you are unsure what lead to the affair and hurting your partner. You are determined to repair the wrong and wonder if you can recover from your affair.

Yes, infidelity can create obstacles in a relationship, but with infidelity counseling, healing is possible. With affair recovery at Marriage Counseling of New York City, you both can learn to reconnect and move forward.

The truth is that with counseling, both partners can share their thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental environment for both to work through the process and heal.

With affair counseling, there is no blame game but more of providing clarity and perspective to overcome the affair. Even if you are unsure why it happened, the therapist will help you understand the motivations behind the matter.

Infidelity Counseling New York NY 10009

Our Therapeutic Process

The first step towards infidelity recovery is to make a joint decision to commit to counseling. When working together, you invest your time in one another to rebuild the lost trust.

The healing process will bring you together to learn about your relationship history, communication, and the affair. During this time, our counselors will determine if one or both will benefit from individual therapy.

We will then create a treatment plan to help facilitate healing and use practical approaches that include:

  • ¬†Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Imago Therapy, among others

Through the therapy session, you learn to become more compassionate, have empathy, and will understand each other and yourself better.

When you strengthen your communication to coping skills, you become more aware of solving your problems and other aspects of your relationship.

Re-establish trust between each other today to strengthen the bond you once had. We are here to provide the support you need to recover from an affair.