Premarital Counseling New York City

Premarital Counseling

Are you on your way to say I DO?

CONGRATULATIONS on taking this huge step and journey together!

We know how exciting it can be to get caught up in the wedding plans. But have you thought about the plans after the big party?

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"Our parents insisted that we go for premarital counseling. While we first disagreed, we did it to keep our parents happy. To  be honest, we are so glad we did as we learned a lot of new things about each other we never new."

- Teddy and Bella (NYC)

How You Can Benefit From Premarital Counseling in NYC

Have you discussed specific questions that can come up after marriage? Or perhaps you are unsure about starting a family or joining your finances to maintain a healthy love life.

Maybe you have communication issues you need to have evaluated to avoid angry outbursts to disagreements. For example, one of you might be in the military, and you need to find ways to help support each other during your deployment for long periods.

Or, there might be religious differences or same-sex partnership issues with family; you can benefit from premarital counseling before getting married. Working with one of our therapists can help you to customize the first-aid kit you need for your relationship.

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We Can Help You Create a Stable Futurens

Every couple experiences conflict and stress, and knowing how to deal with these issues constructively helps.

Premarital therapy aims to help you identify and address the areas of conflict in your life and teaches both partners to discuss and resolve the problems.

Compared to couples therapy, usually done when there is a problem, premarital counseling prepares you for marriage to build a solid and healthy relationship.

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Premarital Counseling With Marriage Counseling NYC

We know that premarital counseling is the last thing on your mind when planning your wedding. Still, you can benefit from couples counseling during your engagement to discuss common issues that can arise before they become a relationship obstacle.

When you can identify conflict and learn how to deal with it, you can build a long relationship in your marriage. Our counselors help you to explore some important questions:

Are we going to share or split the finances?

Is it necessary to create a prenuptial engagement?

How will we handle debt? As well as how our family will look.

So, contact us today to help understand your relationship and the problems you might face. Together you will discuss common issues and explore ways to cope and handle them.

Our main goal is to help you work through your issues in the early stages of your relationship. We use different therapies from:

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT),
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),
  • Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT),
  • and strengths-based approaches.

You will learn to enhance your communication and learn conflict resolution skills to use along the way.

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