Family Counseling New York City

What is Family Counseling?

Stop hiding, blaming, or yelling! Family Counseling in New York City can help. 

What do you envision when you hear the terms family therapy? You picture a family all tensed up and gathered around in an office. You see resentment and family members clutching cushions.

A part of this is true as families bring their resentments and challenges to family counseling. The important thing is that the family chooses to visit us at the office or have remote family therapy over the phone or online to end those resentments.

Family Counseling New York NY 10009

"My parents argued so much that we kids thought they would split up. We decided to convince them to come with us to family counseling. We are happy we did as we worked through all the concerns our parents had together."

- Jerry and Cindy (NYC)

Meeting a Family Therapist

When a family looks for help from a family counselor, a single person is always taking the initiative. It can be a parent, or it can be a child. Getting every family member to go for family counseling in New York City is challenging and needs multiple steps.

The concern is that families do not always listen easily, but with family counseling, we can help to meet everyone's needs in group sessions. We have trained therapists that can help families to resolve conflict or manage a divorce, addiction, or grief.

Once a family starts to relate to one another, they can heal from the rifts in their way.

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Family Therapy Approach

Regarding family counseling, we have therapists trained to deal with different family counseling needs. We provide teen therapy to child therapists depending on the family's requests.

Hence, we can provide individual-to-group therapy for families depending on the problem faced in the family dynamics. Still, no matter the form of treatment, you find all kinds of families in counseling.

So, whether it is an adoptive family or family of origin to LGBTQ+ couples or unmarried couples to stepfamilies, we are here to help.

Meeting a Family Therapist New York NY 10009

Family Therapy in New York City is Related

We believe that families function like a system. When one family member is going through difficult times, everyone else will feel the impact. Together a family can come to us to help make the family dynamics work again.

Together families can discuss their concerns in a relaxed and secure space to air their thoughts and feelings with each other. Together families can learn coping and communication skills to defuse conflict before they start.

Contact Marriage Counseling of NYC today to get the family dynamics back to what it was filled with love and the attention each family member needs.