Grief Counseling New York City

Grief Counseling

Grief is part of life, and loss can take on many forms, from losing a loved one to a significant life journey. 

The typical loss is a painful experience as you are stripped away from yourself and the world emotionally, mentally, and physically.

While some people heal from a loss with the support of family and friends for others, it can take a lifetime, feeling like a storm that never ends.


Marriage Counseling of New York City is here for you if you are struggling with a profound loss.

We offer grief counseling for individuals and families to help them come to terms with the grief they are experiencing.

"My mom fell ill, and it was a challenging time. When she passed away, we as a family still struggled to come to terms with our loss. We all decided on grief counseling, which helped us work through the grief we all felt."

- Knox Family (NYC)

The Concept of Grief

Grief is a natural emotion as your body reacts to losing someone or something. Some common loss examples include:

  • Breaking up with someone, separation, or divorce
  • Death of a family member, pet, or friend
  • The end of a unique project or chapter in your life
  • Moving to another country or a different location
  • The loss of a business or job
  • Losing your safety or becoming independent
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Do You Need Grief Counseling in New York City?

The experience of grief is natural, but when it becomes severe and prolonged for a long time, it can become complicated, interfering with your daily life. This type of loss is known as complicated grief and includes the following:

  • Angry all the time
  • Living in denial or shocked
  • Low motivation and constantly tired
  • You feel guilty or shame
  • Irritable or yearning for isolation
  • You have sleeping problems or have trouble caring for yourself and the family

These signs are similar if you experience anxiety, trauma, or depression.

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How Grief Counseling Can Help

We know that therapy is the last thing on your mind, as you should be able to heal all by yourself.

Still, you deserve a space to process all your emotions, and grief counseling can help.

Grief therapy, also known as bereavement therapy, helps you navigate the emotions of grief.

The goal of grief counseling in New York City is not to erase your memories of your loss but to learn to deal with it healthily.

If you are experiencing grief, going for grief counseling provides you with the following benefits:

  • You receive understanding and care from a trained specialist
  • You can express yourself freely while in a confidential environment
  • You will feel seen while validated
  • You learn to become confident and self-compassionate to get a sense of purpose in life again.
  • You gain more insight into your loss and yourself to connect with your feelings and how it impacts your life.
  • You will learn new strategies to help manage your emotions and disturbing thoughts to risky behaviors that come with your loss.
  • You will learn to restart your self-care to work and look after yourself and others again.

Please contact us to start your grief counseling journey to take back your life to live it to the fullest.