Divorce Counseling New York City – What to Expect?

Young unhappy couple at odds on therapy visit

In fairy tales, the princess always meets her charming prince and lives happily ever after. In reality, this is not the case, and marriages end up in the divorce court. For some couples, it is a relief, but for others, it is a stressful event. Are you going through a divorce?

Maybe you or your partner needs to speak to a divorce counselor. We are here to help if you need divorce counseling in New York City. We know all the emotions you are going through from anger, anxiety, and grief to shame. If you have children, the stress level is most likely higher.

Have you thought about seeking help and wondering what you can expect let us set your mind at ease?

Divorce is Emotional and Traumatic

Ending your marriage is an emotional and traumatic experience for both parties. It is a mentally and physically demanding and can be financially straining as well. Here at Marriage Counseling of New York City, we do divorce therapy on an individual basis. The reason is that each person goes through a divorce differently.

Maybe you need help to decide if you must end your marriage. Perhaps the therapy makes you choose to try again by taking part in our marriage counseling sessions for both partners. The possibility is that you are struggling with the transition from being married to being single. We can address these concerns for you.

We can help you cope with your divorce, and you can benefit from it. You will learn more about yourself and can see your life transition as an opportunity to grow your personal life. You will be able to work through your feelings and make sense of what is taking place in your life.

Different Types of Divorce Therapy

All depending on your needs we can help you with a variety of therapies for divorce:

  • Couple counseling: Maybe you are in the process of getting divorced – with this type of treatment you and your spouse can find better closure in a healthier way. Our therapists act as mediators to set guidelines ensuring that there is no hostility in the divorce process or emotional damage. In these sessions, we can address critical issues such as parenting responsibilities, financial commitment, and living arrangements.
  • Family therapy: When children are involved, a divorce can become stressful for them as well. Maybe they are not sure with whom they want to live or feel confused about the whole situation. Some kids even wonder if they are the cause of the separation. With all the member of the family discussing each one’s feelings about issues it makes it easier to handle, the process and everyone can adjust to the changes easier.
  • Mediation: For a great alternative than fighting things out in the court, this is a great option. Here you can consider factors that have no legal significance. You and your partner discuss the division of assets, child custody, and contentious issues. Our mediators will help you to reach a legally binding settlement on your own. The process takes less time than separation litigation and less costly.

The Recovery Process

Divorce is a painful process and adjusting after a separation takes time. You need to recognize you are newly divorced and that your family’s lives have changed. Different aspects affect one’s life from housing, financials, and employment. You lose friends and family members making it difficult for you to deal with the situation. There is a silver lining at the end of the dark tunnel and we can help you work through the recovery process. Contact us today to start your divorce recovery therapy ensuring a safer, more encouraging, and empowering experience through this challenging time.