Stress Management New York City

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If there was a secret elixir to make daily life stress go away, you could retire on the spot. Unfortunately, this is not the case,and we all have the same struggles. The one difference being some people are able to handle stress better than others, and it is these that turn to the specialist therapists at Marriage Counseling of New York City to help manage their fears, or at least learn how they can control it themselves.


If there was ever a city that was built to create stress. Vegas is it. It’s easy to see why stress management New York City individuals turn to is required so often.


What is Stress?

Stress can manifest itself in many ways, and this isn’t only in New York City. Life’s demands can take its toll on a human body, and both physically and mentally. Our skilled therapists can help an individual come to terms with recognizing their stress and how they can combat it.


Stress is one of the top health problems in the country. Through job losses and searching for new employment to financial woes or the death of a family member to relationship problems. They all affect individuals in different ways.


Stress and Fight or Flight Syndrome

At Marriage Counseling of New York City our professional therapists can explain this to an individual. Physical aspects which rise in the body can be any of the following:

  • Increased blood flow and clotting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Higher blood sugar levels


These symptoms can be induced by something as heavy traffic in New York City, work stress or family illness. All these symptoms are uncontrollable and can happen many times during the day.

If you find this happening, you are advised to speak to a licensed therapist from Marriage Counseling of New York City on 212-230-3361 as soon as possible as these risks can lead to chronic pain, hypertension, strokes and heart attacks and the increased onset of diabetes.


Physical Symptoms of Stress

A sympathetic New York City therapist will help individuals to understand symptoms associated with stress. These can include fatigue, headaches,and insomnia which all lead to becoming irritable, depressed and feeling anxious.


How Our New York City Stress Management Therapists Help

Our therapists will show the techniques which can go a long way to managing stress regardless of the type.

These tactics can include laughing or crying, lessening built up emotions through art or writing, speaking to a trusted person (not only the therapist)

Becoming engaged in relaxing activities such as gardening, cooking or other relaxing hobbies


Other ways the therapists help is to explain the effects of yoga, relaxing in a hot tub and deep breathing techniques. All these are proven to help especially exercise. This can help reduce stress and anxiety for up to twelve hours.


Stress Management and the Mind

Marriage Counseling of New York City know full well a lot of New York City stress management comes from the mind. We are keen advocates of meditation and positive thinking. Our therapists will also show how effective advanced planning can be. If you have planned something into your day, it is less of a shock.

Finally, our New York City therapists show many of the stressful thoughts for what they really are. They are merely thoughts which are unable to hurt anyone. Rule these negatives,and you will find stress management comes naturally.